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Visit The Cube, Stay at McLaren Vale Lakeside Caravan Park
One of McLaren Vale’s attractions ‘The Cube’ is just around the corner from the Park.

Experience Unparalleled Wine and Food Tourism in McLaren Vale Wine Region

McLaren Vale is situated in the well-known Fleurieu Peninsula, which located just 45 minutes south of Adelaide in one of Australia’s most popular wine regions. The Fleurieu Peninsula offers visitors some of the best food, wine, and events that Australia has to offer. For the adventurous, nature-loving visitors, the Fleurieu Peninsula is surrounded by water, long sandy beaches, rugged cliff-scapes, sheltered coves and diverse wildlife, making it a great spot to visit all year round.

Indulge in a unique wine and food tourism destination at McLaren Vale Wine Region. Situated near pristine beaches and surrounded by a stunning natural landscape, our region is distinguished by the influence of these elements on the wines we produce and the relaxed, convivial lifestyle we embrace.

Discover a distinctive blend of terroir and leisure, making McLaren Vale Wine Region a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts and those seeking a truly immersive culinary experience.


Visit McLaren Vale

Only 45 minutes south of Adelaide in South Australia, McLaren Vale is home to sustainable winegrowing, world-class wines, and culinary experiences, as well as pristine natural attractions and unparalleled tourism offerings including unique and beautiful accommodation options.

McLaren Vale is the birthplace of wine in South Australia and our region’s Mediterranean climate continues to drive our region’s wine style and diverse food culture. McLaren Vale excels in the production of ultra-premium Shiraz and Grenache.

Spanish and Italian varieties such as Fiano, Vermentino, Tempranillo and Sangiovese are also very well suited climatically and provide wine lovers with yet another layer of discovery. From high-end, starred restaurants to casual platters – there is a wine and food combination to suit any taste.

Our region’s 30 kilometers of breath-taking coastline and ranges define McLaren Vale’s boundaries, and the distinct landscapes and environment within. McLaren Vale’s collaborative and generous nature, unique combination of world class wines and produce – both on the farm and on the plate – with a beach lifestyle, ensures that our region truly offers a unique, welcoming experience.

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Explore McLaren Vale, just 45 Minutes South of Adelaide, South Australia

Discover the unique charm of McLaren Vale, a captivating destination located a mere 45 minutes south of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, Australia. Established officially as a Geographical Indication (GI) in 1997, McLaren Vale encompasses a diverse area from Hallett Cove to Clarendon, extending south and southwest along the foothills’ ridge until it reaches the picturesque coast at Sellick’s Beach.

Whether you seek high-end, starred restaurants or casual platters, McLaren Vale offers a perfect wine and food combination for every taste. The region’s breathtaking 30-kilometer coastline and scenic ranges define its boundaries, creating a unique environment. McLaren Vale’s collaborative spirit, coupled with its world-class wines and produce, ensures a welcoming and distinctive experience, blending beach lifestyle with exceptional agriculture.



McLaren Vale, nestled in a picturesque triangular landscape, boasts a Mediterranean climate with warm summers, moderate winters, and a distinctive winter-dominated rainfall pattern. This region is bordered by Adelaide to the north, the Mt Lofty Ranges to the east and south, and the Gulf St Vincent to the west.

The proximity of Mt Lofty and the Gulf of St Vincent plays a crucial role in moderating McLaren Vale’s climate, contributing to meso and micro climatic differences. Elevation in the region reaches its peak at 350 meters along the Sellicks foothills and Chandlers Hill, with vineyards predominantly situated on gently undulating to flat land between 50–150 meters.

Wind is a significant factor in McLaren Vale, driven by two distinct sources: gully winds flowing east-west down through the foothills and sea breezes blowing south-north up through Gulf St Vincent.

 The climatic diversity of McLaren Vale provides an ideal environment for cultivating a variety of grape types. Producers have successfully embraced Spanish and Italian varieties, including Barbera, Fiano, Tempranillo, Mouvedre, and Moscato. Additionally, there’s a continual exploration of re-emerging varieties such as Viognier, Sangiovese, Zinfandel, and Verdelho. Discover the unique terroir and climatic nuances that contribute to McLaren Vale’s vibrant and diverse winemaking landscape.